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pretty nice entry

The graphics were decent, only i thought you overused tweening a bit, like when he grabs the tooth. And as far for the whole plot, it was about a minute or 2 long and it want very funny. Youve got the skills you jsut ened a better idea i think. Anyway might jsut be my taste in humor.


OH MY F*&^ING GOD! when will people realise that using a digital voice isnt funny. You'll do much ebtter with a decent voice acted voice. Other than that the animation was ok but i thought the story was lame.

Jeff-Mc responds:

Learn to spell Fuck, for the sake of you, and other people.
And the story was lame because it didn't HAVE a story!
Don't review unless you've got something intelligent to say!

completely original

the sound is great, even though its jsut a short loop and the aniamtion is ok. but because it was so origninal it desrves a great score. I lvoe the yellow background!!!

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Great tutorial

Really good work, yopu obviously know what your talking about. The only improvement I could think of would maybe to ahve a little music in the background, only simple music on a loop if you wanted to keep the small fielsize, but as far as tutorials go this is pretty good.

MattKaiser responds:

The whole reason I didn't use music is because I can't concentrate when there's music playing as I'm trying to draw. I always close tutorials if they are playing music, because I can't focus.

awesome WEBSITE

Hey you've got alot of talent, good job. UNfortuantely this isnt a movie or game so it doesnt belong on newgrounds. But still its a nice site deisgn, both aethstetically and practically.

Lambi responds:

thanks. Yeah, I did lecve a message in capital letters that it wasnt a game or aniamtion. I was just after feedback on its design

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